Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

The list didn't really take that long....

Ok, can't believe how long I have neglected this blog. Well I did have a long list last time. As I review the list I can see a lot has happened since I posted last:

  • My networking worked!  Amazing.  I found something to wear and I am working part-time.  I can say when I don't want to work and they offer me work when they have it.  It's a good arrangement for someone returning to work after a long break.  The money is not great and the job is taking me back to much earlier days of working, but hey.
  • My yarn diet has not happened.
  • Christmas did happen and everything got done, as it always does.
  • I did not get ahead of my course and am typing this when I should be writing an assignment which I am still procrastinating over.
  • My kids are growing up - some of which I feel sad about.  But too late to have any more.
  • I still need to lose weight.
I have done lots of knitting though and I can see it all on my Ravelry page.  I've noticed there is lots of laceweight yarn!

My favourite finished object, the cardigan, not the baby

I loved the yarn (Casbah), loved the colour and loved the cardigan.

More knitting next time.