Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

The list didn't really take that long....

Ok, can't believe how long I have neglected this blog. Well I did have a long list last time. As I review the list I can see a lot has happened since I posted last:

  • My networking worked!  Amazing.  I found something to wear and I am working part-time.  I can say when I don't want to work and they offer me work when they have it.  It's a good arrangement for someone returning to work after a long break.  The money is not great and the job is taking me back to much earlier days of working, but hey.
  • My yarn diet has not happened.
  • Christmas did happen and everything got done, as it always does.
  • I did not get ahead of my course and am typing this when I should be writing an assignment which I am still procrastinating over.
  • My kids are growing up - some of which I feel sad about.  But too late to have any more.
  • I still need to lose weight.
I have done lots of knitting though and I can see it all on my Ravelry page.  I've noticed there is lots of laceweight yarn!

My favourite finished object, the cardigan, not the baby

I loved the yarn (Casbah), loved the colour and loved the cardigan.

More knitting next time.

Monday, October 31, 2011

What's in my head today?

Ok, so the photo challenge stalled because I went on holiday to Chiang Mai.  So I'm going to restart.  I did knit though.  I made kidsilk haze dresses for a Blythe doll and a Pullip doll.  And more hexagons for my blanket. Mostly I hung out with hubby and kids.

Now the holiday is over, and these are the things on my mind:

  • My mum arrives in 15 days (lovely but have so much to do!)
  • I haven't finished the Christmas shopping or Christmas knitting or ordered Christmas cards yet,
  • I have signed up for Write a Novel in a Month which started today - only 50,000 words to go,
  • Hubby is not so well, so having to be patient and lovely (not always easy when you feel like shouting that he could do more to look after himself and I am not a nurse),
  • I need to exercise more - managed to fit in a 6k walk this morning but now need a lie down,
  • Network, network, network, so I can return to work (very scary after 10 years and don't have a thing to wear,
  • what to wear to the network, network, network thing (first one is next Wednesday morning - help),
  • Getting the Christmas cards sorted
  • Committing to buying no more yarn until 2013 - want to, maybe I should start this today?
  • Need to study to get ahead of my course - no excuse not to except all this stuff above.
So not much going on here as you can see.  I will take photos of my FO's and post next time.

Hope your list is smaller than mine

Monday, October 17, 2011

30 day Photo Challenge

Emily (aged 7) and I have decided to do the 30 day photo challenge. Not sure how this will work, but stick with us.

Day 1 - self portrait

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What happened to fearless?

I have been knitting for a long time.  When I was a teenager I sewed my own clothes, including my school skirt, and knit my own jumpers.  I once went to a wool party (yes they existed) and bought some icelandic lopi wool.  By the end of the weekend my dad had a bottle green yoked sweater with grey and red colour work around the yoke and cuffs.  Just like that.

The LYS sold Phildar.  I thought nothing of taking on complex lace jumpers in lace patterns with unusual shaping.  I remember the beige and brown lace sweater knit in mohair, silk and something else.  It had a scoop neck and a rib collar.  It was beautiful.  I didn't consider that I couldn't do it. A lot of that Phildar yarn was very fine - never put me off.  Sometime things were a disaster - the pink and purple star yoked  sweater would have fit a yeti - I never worried about gauge.   But I wore the thing anyway, with pride.  (It looked amazing with the stripey dungarees I made and the red suede fringed ankle boots).

Now, I look at patterns and think that maybe I would never finish the colour work or lace jumper.  Or I question whether I have the skills.

May good things come with age - but becoming fearful is not one of them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ice, Ice baby

That's what I need, ice.  Or something to stop the hot flushes.  The soya, and walking are not working at the moment.

Does you think ice in a G&T would do the trick?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There is always a silver lining

There is always a silver lining even when your whole house has come down with a coldy like flu bug thing.  And the lining is.....

Lemon bars because  have vitamin C in them.

And some knitting

I have wanted to knit this such a long time and had the yarn all ready. It's the Earth Stripe Wrap from Rowan by the lovely Kaffe Fassett. It feels amazing and looks so pretty.

And this little beauty if for daughter number one who has an obsession with hoodies, and her Thesaurus at the moment. It's the lovely (Get-of-my) Cloud. I'm a little concerned about the size of it right now - I got gauge but it's looking small.  I remember when my camber cardigan was blocked it grew a bit, so I'm hoping the same happens here.

Now, who has got the tissues?