Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There is always a silver lining

There is always a silver lining even when your whole house has come down with a coldy like flu bug thing.  And the lining is.....

Lemon bars because  have vitamin C in them.

And some knitting

I have wanted to knit this such a long time and had the yarn all ready. It's the Earth Stripe Wrap from Rowan by the lovely Kaffe Fassett. It feels amazing and looks so pretty.

And this little beauty if for daughter number one who has an obsession with hoodies, and her Thesaurus at the moment. It's the lovely (Get-of-my) Cloud. I'm a little concerned about the size of it right now - I got gauge but it's looking small.  I remember when my camber cardigan was blocked it grew a bit, so I'm hoping the same happens here.

Now, who has got the tissues?

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