Monday, October 31, 2011

What's in my head today?

Ok, so the photo challenge stalled because I went on holiday to Chiang Mai.  So I'm going to restart.  I did knit though.  I made kidsilk haze dresses for a Blythe doll and a Pullip doll.  And more hexagons for my blanket. Mostly I hung out with hubby and kids.

Now the holiday is over, and these are the things on my mind:

  • My mum arrives in 15 days (lovely but have so much to do!)
  • I haven't finished the Christmas shopping or Christmas knitting or ordered Christmas cards yet,
  • I have signed up for Write a Novel in a Month which started today - only 50,000 words to go,
  • Hubby is not so well, so having to be patient and lovely (not always easy when you feel like shouting that he could do more to look after himself and I am not a nurse),
  • I need to exercise more - managed to fit in a 6k walk this morning but now need a lie down,
  • Network, network, network, so I can return to work (very scary after 10 years and don't have a thing to wear,
  • what to wear to the network, network, network thing (first one is next Wednesday morning - help),
  • Getting the Christmas cards sorted
  • Committing to buying no more yarn until 2013 - want to, maybe I should start this today?
  • Need to study to get ahead of my course - no excuse not to except all this stuff above.
So not much going on here as you can see.  I will take photos of my FO's and post next time.

Hope your list is smaller than mine

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