Saturday, September 17, 2011

Me and My Menopause

There has bee a hyatus over here.  In that time I have established that I am officially in the menopause.  Yes, officially - not just guessing but confirmed by a medical professional. I had kind of guessed.  How sweats, insomnia and crabiness are sure signs, although living in Singapore and having kids it isn't always obvious, it could just be a particularly humid day and the kids are giving you a hard time.

My mother, always the optimist sent me a wonderful article from the newspaper about people who's marriages had failed as a result of the menopause.  She didn't understand why this was not helpful. 

I have explained to my almost 11 year old daughter that she is reaching puberty.  Her hormones are kicking in and she is undergoing changes.  I have also explained that as her system is revving up, mine is shutting down.  This is nature having a laugh.  As she becomes more attractive, voluptuous and reaches her fertile prime, I will be becoming less attractive (more sweaty for sure), less voluptuous (everything heading south) and my fertility will hit zero.  The symptoms to get to our destinations have some similarity - mood swings, general stroppiness and wondering who the hell we are and what our purpose in life is.  I fear clashes along the way.  It may be me behaving like a stroppy teenager.

My DH hasn't really got  handle on this stuff.  I have told him what the doc said.  I've explained the sweats and the moodiness.  Mostly he's concerned with why I am tired.  And why I'm ratty.  I'm chipping away - bit by bit.  Today he sent me this:

Seems he may be getting it.

So I'm walking/running for 60 mins as many times a week as I can.  I'm eating/drinking soya.  And as my doc suggested, I'm "sucking it up".

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